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What to Avoid When Cleaning Windows

What to Avoid When Cleaning Windows

Aug 28, 2018

Dirt and dust accumulate on windows, inside and out. You might not think too much about them, but your windows have value beyond giving you access to outside views.  And neglect can leave your residential or commercial property looking unkempt and dreary.

Dirty windows can affect sales for businesses, preventing customers from walking in and discouraging potential clients from making deals. Grimy windows can make your home uninviting, discouraging potential buyers if you resell your property. Dirt will also restrict sunlight from streaming into your home. Clearly, keeping your windows clean is important.

Our window cleaning service in Prescott recognizes the challenges you face when maintaining the home feature. You may find it hard to restore the shiny and spotless look of your windows as hard water spots and stains just won’t go away. There are ways to get around this problem.

The Common Problems

Hard water plagues many homes in America, affecting almost 85 percent of homes. Water becomes hard because of calcium and magnesium. Both minerals dissolve in your property’s water supply from the rocks beneath the surface. Water then evaporates and leaves mineral deposits behind. This leads to the formation of water spots in mirrors.

Aside from water spots, you also have to deal with soap scum when cleaning your windows. It’s the filmy layer of mildew caused by minerals in hard water. The stubborn creamy glaze that coats your windows may be difficult to clean, as well.

Getting rid of these stubborn stains may seem simple, but the job is more than just wiping off the dirt on the glass. There is a right way to clean windows.

Here are some of the don’ts when it comes to window cleaning:

  1. Avoid cleaning the windows when the sun is out. The heat will quickly dry up the cleaning solutions. Put off this chore until the temperature goes down. Seventy degrees would be an appropriate temperature.
  2. Refrain from using newspapers for cleaning. They have harsh chemicals in them, and they contain ink. The ink can make your hands dirtier than the windows.
  3. Skip the chemical window cleaner solution. These solutions can initially clean windows, but they may take on more dirt in the long run because chemicals usually attract dust.
  4. Stop using ordinary tap water. It’s filled with minerals, which leave behind streaky deposits.

Bear all these things in mind when cleaning your windows. As long as you avoid them, you’re headed in the right direction. But trusting the experts to do the household chore is still the better option.

Why You Need Professionals

With Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC, your windows will be in good hands. We have the proper tools to leave your windows squeaky-clean and sparkling once again.

Plus, our professional window washers can help you save time and effort. We won’t take up much of your space with our professional equipment or cleaning tools.

When it comes to your windows, let the skilled professionals handle the job for you. Fill out our short contact form today.