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Solar vs. Electricity: Which is better?

Solar vs. Electricity: Which is better?

Jun 30, 2018

Have ever noticed how powerful the sun felt on a hot day? You can understand how harnessing that power to use as an alternative, clean energy makes perfect sense.

Solar power is becoming more popular as an excellent renewable energy to power our lives. When it comes to solar vs electricity energy, solar is the cleaner choice.

If you are looking for reasonable ways to cut your energy bills, or just interested in an alternative and clean way to power your home, solar is your clean choice.

Here we will look at a few benefits to using solar power and why it’s becoming more popular all the time.

Solar vs Electricity

Fossil fuels are a resource that actually use a lot of resources just to get to the point of being used. They are dirty, hard on the environment and costly to attain and use. It has to be dug up, transported and processed.

Solar power is already there. It requires no effort other than the panels to capture and store it. There is no waste, no pollution and no fear of it running out. make hay while the sun shines, makes perfect sense.

Fossil Fuels

The main fossil fuels being used are oil, coal, natural gas. They are the result of buried organisms, like animals and plants. They take years, if not centuries to become what they are.

The retrieval of these fuels is costly, dirty and harmful to the earth. Just drilling for one barrel of oil can cause years and miles worth of damage. Cutting back on the use and demand of these fuels will help the environment, energy costs and the quality of life.

Digging, drilling and fracking, which is injecting liquid into rock are all costly to do and costly to the environment. if given a choice, we should choose green and clean energy every time.

Solar Energy

The use of the sun for energy and powering our lives is just what solar power is. Just by having the proper tools, we can turn sunlight energy into electricity. This is not a new discovery, as it started to be used over 100 years ago.

It started off small, with a single cell in a calculator and other small gadgets that were able to use the sun’s power to run them, thus cutting down on the use of batteries.

It wasn’t long after that, the first solar panels were installed on a roof to capture the power from the sun to great results. It started to take off in the 1990’s and has been growing in popularity, ever since.

Switching to Solar Power

For those people living in a cold climate, just keeping the water warm in our homes can be costly enough, nevermind heating the whole house. If you live in an older house that is hard to keep warm, you know how expensive it is to heat.

Solar panels are a great way to go to keep costs low in your old home or if you are building a new one. They work by absorbing power from sunlight and storing into the panels and it converts it into electricity.

Cost of Panels vs Fossil Fuels

The costs can vary but installing solar panels is not going to be cheap. Compared to the cost of fossil fuels, they are a bargain. Solar power will dramatically reduce the cost of your electricity bills because you are not taking it off the electricity grid, but generating it yourself.

You need to look a the costs of all areas, not just the paneling, themselves.

Solar Power

While on paper, solar paneling may seem expensive, the savings down the road will prove to be well worth the initial expense. A solar panel can store about 10 watts per square feet, so for every kW you generate, you need about 100 square feet of solar panels.

If you want to install enough panels to make your home generate enough to be self-sufficient, then it will be more expensive than just installing a few to help ease the cost of heating. Of course, a few are still better than none at all.

You need to factor in the overall cost of solar panels. The cost of installation to the cost of fossil fuels and their impact on the environment and other factors, like demand, transporting to other countries and the political factors involved with that.

Power Usage

If there are several people living in the home, all taking showers, running appliances, or even running an office or business from the home, relying on fossil fuels is expensive.

An average house of 2000 square feet could need anywhere from 12-18 solar panels. The cost will vary from dealers and other factors, like where you live, are you running a hot tub or air conditioner and whether the company or if there are government incentives.

But the savings, in the long run, are well worth it, for the money you save and the impact on the environment. Once the systems are in place, they need very little maintenance and will provide clean energy for decades.

Other Bonuses

The sun will always be there, regardless of what your doomsday friends all say. It is just there providing light and heat and energy and making your garden grow. You can also use solar power for your portable devices, for your backyard lights, and for street lights.

It is used for transportation, like buses and trains, to heat the swimming pool, and even for charging batteries. Small appliances, like washers and dryers, can all be fitted to be solar powered.

Not just houses, but larger business and buildings are finding it well worth their while to install solar panels to capture a powerful energy that is already there. large warehouses, multi-story office buildings, and apartment buildings are all turning to solar power.


Having the solar panels installed will seem expensive, but you will see a return on your investment right away. The price will vary, depending on if you are in an older home, or have extra work needed to install the panels.

Ask around for pricing in your area. Ask your neighbors and friends about their solar panels. Many companies have discounts or other incentives, like no money down to start or deals for multiple panels.

There can also incentives from energy companies, for installing solar panels. Cutting back on the use of fossil fuels means less pollution and less waste. Be sure to check in your area.

Keep it Clean

The beauty of solar panels is they produce zero waste and cut your energy costs considerably. Depending on what area you live in, look for incentives for buying and installing and start saving money and Mother Earth.

The cost to the environment is big. Less wear and tear on our dear Mother Earth is never a bad thing. You will save money and you can rest assured you are doing the right thing.

You don’t have to wait for the earth to replenish the fossil fuels that are used, as the sun provides its power each and every day. Clean to use, clean to keep using.

Our Future Looks Bright

There are continually more and more advancements using solar energy being tested and discovered all the time. As we progress, so does the way we use solar energy, the way we capture it and the way we store it.

Solar panels have dropped in price considerably over the years, as more and more are needed, the technology advances for better, less expensive and better-performing panels.

There are even experiments being conducted to try and harness the energy from space, closer to the sun and even ways of tapping the energy directly from trees.

A Sun for Every Home

Hopefully, as more people, businesses and countries discover the benefits of solar power, we will be able to all but eliminate the use for fossil fuels. It makes a big difference, to the consumer and to the planet.

It’s creating more jobs, cleaner air, and less damage, all the while providing green energy that doesn’t ever cost or burn out. Every day, there are more uses found for tapping the sun for its energy.

The cost of starting your home or business on solar power will continue to drop as more people start to use it. Now recognized worldwide, many areas with tapped fossil fuel resources depend on it.

Let the Sun Shine

The sun actually provides more energy to the earth than we will ever be able to use, so tapping it for our use only makes scents. And cents. It’s clean, less expensive and readily available.

Mays to make it more efficient and improve its conversion to electricity are ongoing and hopefully, soon, it won’t be thought of as a new energy, it will simply be the one.

When it comes to solar vs electricity, the choice is obvious. For more information on maintenance of your solar panels, windows or other home improvements, please contact us today.