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Keep Your Windows Spotless

Given the wild desert climates of Arizona, you may find that the windows of your home or commercial establishment will need professional window cleaning several times a year. If you need someone who can keep your windows tidy on a regular basis, turn to Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC.

Health Benefits of Clean Windows

When your windows are clean inside and out, they not only look nice but also offer great health benefits. A few of these benefits include:

• Mold Prevention – Mold loves warm and moist places, and your windows can create the atmosphere that will allow mold to multiply. If left unchecked, the mold that thrives between the casing and the glass can exacerbate allergies and cause serious respiratory infections. By having our professional staff clean your windows, we eradicate the mold that can harm you and your family.

• Reduction of Allergens – Besides mold, pollen, skin dander, hair, dust, and other allergens accumulating in your windows can make you and the occupants of your home or office sick. These allergens can cause a runny nose, coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, headache, and other health problems. You can minimize the impact of the allergens by letting our professional window washers clean your windows.

• Spider Control – Spiders love to hang out on windows, as they can easily capture flies that climb on the window screens. These eight-legged creatures can be a potential biting hazard if their home is disturbed. By asking us to clean your windows on a regular basis, you can keep spiders from building nests and avoid nasty spider bites.

If it’s been a while since you had your windows washed, don’t hesitate to come to us to have them cleaned. Call (928) 771-2222 today for a free quote.