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Count on Us to Effectively Clean Your Solar Panels

Clean Your Solar Panels Effectively

Dirty solar panels will not provide your home or business with clean and affordable energy. If you need your solar panels washed and cleaned, Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services LLC has you covered. We offer professional solar panel cleaning service in Prescott, Arizona to enable your solar panels to achieve maximum sun exposure.

Why Have Your Solar Panels Cleaned

Bird droppings, dust, and mold are just a few of the things that contribute to the accumulation of dirt on your solar panels. This buildup stops sunlight from reaching the solar cells, resulting in loss of efficiency, poor system performance, and loss of financial return for the investor and owner of solar energy.

Rain Is Not Enough to Clean the Solar Panels

If you’re going to clean your solar panels, don’t count on the rain to get the job done. While rain will rinse off any loose dust or dirt, it will not get rid of the stubborn debris. Additionally, airborne dust particles can attach to the solar panel surface immediately after the evaporation of rainwater. Rain, therefore, is not an effective way to keep your solar panel free from the build-up of dirt.

Should You Wash Solar Panels by Yourself?

If you’re planning to clean the solar panels on your own instead of reaching out to a solar cleaning services company in Prescott, it’s best to reconsder this decision. Here’s why:

• It’s possible that you could fall while walking around and cleaning your solar panels, especially if you don’t have any safety gear.

• If you break a solar panel component accidentally during the cleaning process, your manufacturer’s warranty may not cover the damage.

• Washing the solar panels could take forever, especially if you don’t use the proper methods and equipment.

Leave the solar panel cleaning service to professionals! Give us a call at (928) 771-2222 today to obtain a free quote.