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About Us

About Us

Make Your Windows Sparkling Clean Inside and Out
Home and business cleaners often overlook windows when performing routine cleaning. Some, in fact, clean their windows only once in a while. Still, no matter how well-designed and decorated your living areas are, a filthy window can overshadow your beautiful décor. Clean windows make a difference in the overall atmosphere of your home or office; thus, regular window cleaning is a must.
If you are looking for a reliable window cleaning company in Prescott, Arizona, don’t hesitate to turn to Patriot Windows and Cleaning Services. As a professional window washer, we make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied with our exterior and interior window cleaning service.

Why You Need to Have Your Windows Cleaned by a Professional
Cleaning your windows with an old rag and an over-the-counter cleaner won’t cut it. It’s best to leave the job to our experienced window washers. They have the proper tools for cleaning your windows and making them shine. These reasons should further convince you to leave the work to professional window washers:
Washing a few windows may sound simple, but it’s truly tiresome. It is more than just “wiping off the smudge on the glass.” Instead of doing the work yourself, hire a professional to save you time and effort.
Although you can always purchase or rent window cleaning chemicals and equipment used by professionals, you have to use them correctly and safely. If you don’t have a clue how to use professional equipment or cleaning tools, let our skilled professionals handle the job.

The Professional Window Washing Experience
Our window washers do not take up much space when they carry out their cleaning tasks. They are very organized, making sure to put things back in place once they finish. You don’t have to worry about misplaced items.
Our window washers know how to clean hard-to-reach windows; it is something they regularly do.
On top of cleaning windows, our professional staff cleans solar panels, awnings, roofs, and gutters. We also remove unwanted satellites installed on houses and commercial buildings.