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6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner at Your Prescott Business

6 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Window Cleaner at Your Prescott Business

Jun 20, 2018

Are you concerned that the look of your dirty windows is driving customers away?

Have you been meaning to get to cleaning the windows in your office — for the past year and a half?

Are you tired of having to spend your profits on new windows and even exterminator fees?

If so, it sounds like you need the help of a window cleaner pro.

In this post, we’ll tell you why there’s no time like the present to hire a professional window cleaner.

It’s not just about protecting your business’s reputation. It’s also about ensuring that your employees and your customers alike are safe, in good health, and actually happy in their work environment.

1. It Will Keep Things Looking Professional

Let’s be honest: if you saw the brick-and-mortar location of a company that you were thinking of doing business with, and their windows were caked in dirt and filth, what would you think of them?

Likely, you’d make the assumption that they didn’t care much about how they presented themselves. You’d also wonder if that would be the same level of attention you could expect from the company itself. You’d wonder if that indicated the care that they put into making their products.

Though window cleaning is important for all Prescott businesses to take seriously, it’s especially crucial if you’re aiming to project a high-end, luxury image.

Customers might think that you won’t really be able to provide them the shopping experience they’d like if you can’t even manage to keep your windows clean. They may even start to think that you’re lower on funds than you’d like to admit.

In order to protect the reputation of your business, as well as the branding that you’ve worked so hard to create, you need to invest in a professional window washing solution.

After all, if you don’t have the interest, the respect, and the trust of your consumers?

Then as a business, you don’t really have anything at all.

2. You’ll Protect Your Employees

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that dirty windows can attract all kinds of bugs and other critters that you really don’t want at your place of work.

Before you know it, serious pests like hornets can start building nests or congregating in your windows or even behind any shutters or blinds.

That’s just not something you need to be dealing with — and it’s certain to quickly drive your customers away, as well.

A professional window cleaner will be able to keep the bugs away. They’ll also be able to identify the areas and cracks where they’re sneaking in. They’ll be able to dispose of any nests or even animal droppings.

It goes without saying that this will certainly help to improve the overall health and air quality of your office, as well.

3. It’s a Safer Alternative to DIY

We know what you’re thinking. “If I wanted my windows cleaned in my office, I could probably just do it myself.”

First of all, there’s a good chance that you’ve been saying that to yourself for several months now. We’re willing to bet that you haven’t exactly been proactive on actually doing any of the cleaning you’ll “get to eventually.”

Additionally, especially if your office is located on a higher floor, it’s just not safe for you to attempt to clean your windows on your own.

You don’t want to risk falling, breaking the window, cutting yourself on glass, or even dropping a tool on the sidewalk below.

It sounds far-fetched, but serious injury and even death from improper window cleaning techniques happens all the time.

You certainly don’t want to end up having to pay an employee expensive worker’s compensation — or pay other damages — because you asked them to handle it on their own.

4. Your Windows Will Last Longer

As a business owner, we know that you’re always on the hunt for ways to keep costs down.

One of the ways that a window cleaner pro can help you to do just that?

By extending the overall lifespan of your windows.

Over time, all that grime and dust can cause your glass to become damaged. Additionally, filth from bugs and animals can cause rapid decay not just to your windows, but to the materials around them.

Since the average cost of window replacement can run anywhere from $650-$1,500, you want to put off buying new windows for as long as is possible.

Hiring a professional window cleaner is the solution. They may even be able to identify other problems with your window pane or even the structure of your office building as a whole.

Remember that the sooner you recognize that there’s an issue, the lower the average cost to fix it will be.

Plus, window cleaning likely won’t interrupt the overall workflow of your office.

After all, it usually only takes about an afternoon.

But if you’re getting your windows replaced?

You may be disrupted for several weeks, to the point that you even have to pay for a rented office space while the work gets done. Even if your team can stay in the office during a window installation, they’ll likely be incredibly distracted by all of the noise.

5. You’ll Enjoy Lower Air Conditioning Bills

Have you noticed that there has recently been a serious spike in your office’s energy and heating and cooling bills?

If so, it’s not the fault of your employees fiddling with the thermostat when you’re not around.

Believe it or not, the real culprit may be your dirty windows.

When enough gunk has built up on your window panes, it’s much easier for heat to get trapped inside the office. It’s also easier for air conditioning to slip out through tiny cracks that you might not even be aware of.

This means that your air conditioner or heating unit will have to work twice as hard just to be able to maintain the normal temperature levels in your office.

Not only does this mean that your heating and cooling bills will go through the roof. You also will have to replace your unit far more often than normal.

Plus, an overworked AC can quickly spread things like dust, dirt, and even mold spores throughout the air in your office.

This means that your team members may need to take more sick days. That will seriously slow down your office’s productivity levels.

So, when you suspect that dirty windows are what’s really to blame for those high bills?

It’s the time to make an immediate appointment with a window cleaning professional.

It’s not just the money that you’re wasting on your heating and AC units. It’s also about improving your office’s air quality and protecting the health of your employees.

6. Office Morale Will Improve

We get it — you might not initially see much of a connection between how happy your employees are and how clean your windows are. But hear us out for just a moment.

Numerous scientific studies have proven that natural light in an office can actually boost your team’s overall productivity levels.

So, if you’ve noticed that your employees have been seriously dragging their feet lately?

It might be time to call in a professional window cleaning solution to make things right.

Dirty windows don’t exactly allow a ton of natural light to shine through. However, clean ones make it easier than ever for sunlight to come into your office.

In addition to boosting productivity levels, natural light has also been shown to improve overall focus and work as a mood booster.

Believe it or not, exposure to healthy amounts of natural light throughout the workday has also been shown to help people to get a higher quality of sleep at night.

Plus, you won’t need to use as much fluorescent lighting in your office. We’re confident that’s a design choice that everyone on your team will be able to get behind.

Need a Professional Window Cleaner in Prescott?

We hope that this post has done a good job of convincing you why you need to hire a professional window cleaner for your Prescott business.

Not only will doing so help to keep your business looking as professional as possible. It will also help to improve the overall productivity levels of your team members, and ensure that you don’t have to replace your windows nearly as often.

Of course, the real benefits of a professional window cleaning solution can only be seen when you work with the very best.

That’s where we come in.

Spend some time on our website and blog to learn more about how we can help your business. Then, get in touch with us to schedule your own window cleaning.