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5 Of The Best Window Cleaners

5 Of The Best Window Cleaners

Jun 17, 2018

The trend of cleaning everything in your home with DIY ingredients is not always a good idea. Not only can some DIY cleaning recipes be ineffective, some are downright foul or toxic. Cleaning windows and glass surfaces can be especially tough for DIY solutions. In today’s blog we’ll recommend 5 of the best window cleaners you can use for perfectly clean, streak-free windows in your home or business.

Getting the cleanest, streak-free result is half technique and half window cleaner. We’ll break down everything you need to know to get your windows cleaner, faster, and more efficiently. But, before we get started, let’s go over the technique.

Best Way to Clean Glass

Professional window cleaning services know that technique is key to achieve consistent results. There are certain ways of wiping windows that help reduce unnecessary work and clearer finishes.

Most of what dirties up glass is going to be oil from fingerprints and dust. You need to have a good cleaner to cut through the oily residue and a cloth to absorb everything up. Good technique will help keep excess liquid from forming streaks.

Which type of cloth is best and how much does that even matter?

What to Wipe With

The go-to paper towel isn’t the best thing to use to wipe your windows with, yet it is synonymous with window cleaning. This is more of a marketing thing by paper towel brands. Nobody really needs paper towels in huge quantities, unless it’s for a party.

Just think of how many paper towels get used to clean your average home’s surfaces. That’s where the money is at. Paper towels are inefficient, they cause streaks, and they leave behind lint. It’s a neverending struggle to get a clear window with paper towels.

Some old school folks like to use newspaper as an alternative. This is actually an upgrade to paper towels, but you still have the same problems. A newspaper isn’t absorbent and will leave streaks. There’s also a good chance that the ink will rub off.

The best category of glass cleaning cloths is going to be microfibers. Microfiber cloths are very absorbent, easy to clean, and their uniform surface prevents streaks. It doesn’t hurt that they’re also reusable and can be bought really cheaply online. Microfiber cloths are what the pros use, too. Aim for high-quality microfiber brands with high thread-counts.

How to Avoid Wiping Streaks

Even with the best tools at your disposal, bad technique can cause streaks. If you’re using a standard spray window cleaner, stay at least six inches back. Spray dead-on, giving you the most even spread.

Start with a row of two to four sprays going left to right. Then, take your microfiber cloth and start wiping left to right. After you clear the row, go back over, this time up and down to pick up any missed spots.

Use two microfiber cloths, one for cleaning, the other for dry buffing. If you notice your second cloth is getting damp, switch it out. This is key for controlling the drying of the glass.

Top 5 Window Cleaner Picks

The best window cleaner is going to depend on a variety of factors. Some of these will be more important to others, such as smell or cost. We took everything into account when reviewing dozens of window cleaners.

These are our picks for the top five cleaners on the market. All of these products can be easily found on Amazon or at the grocery store.

1. Windex Cleaner

It’s the most iconic window and glass cleaner on the market. Usually, the biggest brand is not the best out there. Windex is an exception, as there’s just no denying their window cleaning solution. The most obvious con to this brand is going to be based on preference: an ammonia-based formula.

There is no scientific basis to deem ammonia less safe than any other cleaning compound. If used responsibly, you will never suffer any harmful effects from ammonia. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way: Windex is great on dirt.

If your windows get dirty from lots of physical contact, you’ll need a strong cleaner to get them really clean. Outside glass surfaces are great for Windex. We would go as far as to say it has the strongest cleaning power on store shelves. Surfaces were easy to achieve streak-free clean with Windex.

As for which Windex glass cleaner you should buy, we didn’t see any noticeable differences. We’re talking about between “Original” and “Advanced” versions. We think the biggest difference between them was the tint/transparency.

2. Weiman Glass Cleaner

Sometimes, when you have a really messy situation, you wish there was something to coat and wipe it off. This is where foam-based window cleaners like Weiman come in. This cleaner doesn’t use ammonia as its base cleaning ingredient.

Despite this, Weiman’s Glass Cleaner is still strong and efficient. Great for cleaning multi-surfaces, coffee tables, outdoor patios, and etc. If you always struggle to get those little mud spots off your glass surfaces, this is the answer.

Weiman has a good fragrance, too, for what it’s worth. A slight con with this cleaner is that it’s harder to achieve crystal-clear results like others. The foam, however, prevents drips from ruining your neat cleaning routine, though.

Remember, the foam cleaner comes in a spray can. Weiman’s other sprays for stoves and etc. come in the standard pump bottle.

3. Seventh Generation Free & Clear

Looking for a more eco-friendly solution to cleaning windows, but don’t want to try the DIY route? Seventh Gen makes a great plant-based window cleaner. It’s nice to see an environmentally-friendly product that isn’t 50-100% more than the average cleaner.

This product is non-toxic, mint-scented, and ammonia-free. The cleaning power is impressive, too. After testing on multiple outdoor glass surfaces, we did find that we had to use a bit more solution to get through the dirt.

We highly recommend this product to any parent with children that are sensitive to chemicals. Same goes for pet owners, you don’t have to worry about Fido licking the sliding glass door with this.

4. Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner

If you have tinted windows, you’ll find that field of glass cleaners shrinks considerably. Most glass cleaners in the store aren’t going to be made with tinting in-mind. This is a favorite among professional cleaners out there.

It can clean every hard surface of your car, save the actual body. Works well on mirrors, the windshield, chrome surfaces, and even the headlights. Since it is made to work on windows on the outside of a car, you can bet on its cleaning power.

Unlike most car cleaning products, this glass cleaner doesn’t have a strong smell to it. The spray is aerosol, too, which makes application really quick. Because it is marketed towards car owners, you won’t find it in a large container. It’s pretty cheap, though, so it won’t be a big deal to buy two or three cans at a time.\

5. Flitz Instant Calcium, Rust and Lime Remover

We wanted to round out our list with a secret weapon against a niche problem. Calcium and lime deposits plague showers across the country. These build-ups also rear their ugly selves around outdoor pools and perimeter surfaces.

Flitz is a safe and organic formula that uses the power of salt to remove these mineral build-ups. As soon as you spray it on, you can wipe it off almost immediately. Now, we recommend leaving it on for a few seconds, at least, but it does act fast.

You can use it on glass, steel, plexiglass, tiles, porcelain, and even painted surfaces.

Keeping Your Windows the Cleanest

Hopefully, this guide has given you a little more confidence in cleaning your windows. The difference between a discount window cleaner and a premium cleaner is night and day. You use less elbow grease and get the job done faster.

With that said, keeping your windows looking their best is a constant struggle. This is something business owners can’t do by themselves, big or small. That’s why having a reliable window cleaning service is so important.

For the everyday homeowner, you might think this is an unnecessary expense, but consider all the time you spend cleaning windows and what it takes to keep them clean. Just reading a few reviews with our happiest customers can give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

At We Are Patriot Windows, we take “streak-free” seriously. We will leave your windows cleaner than the day you first saw them. Find out how we can transform your home or business with our range of cleaning services. Contact us here to get a personalized, free consultation.